Quietstorm Session

The Awkward Writer

Poem: Inner Feelings


Written By Quietstorm


She touched me with her spirit and opened up my heart
New beginning got me feeling blissful and this is just the start.
Never thought love like this could fulfill me
It even reached the cold regions of my heart where exes played a part
I use to have cupid blues… Yeah, a fool in love
But I have to admit, something about this right here is new.
Something I never felt before.
She captivated my mind and caressed my thoughts
Her voice mesmerized me like an angel harp played at a symphony.
Yeah, she gave me the business
You see… I vowed never to let a woman get this close to me
Real love didn’t exist for me, that arrow just kept on missing me.
But true love is unexpected
I tried to reject these inner feelings but she wasn’t having that.
Why do I feel trapped?
She won a battle with my mind, body, and spirit
But I don’t feel defeated
I feel euphoria… blissfully unaware of my innermost being
I don’t want to lose this feeling so I maintained a pace.
A little bit at a time, never hurt anybody
But why do I feel like giving in because this new love is getting the best of me
The lessons she teaches me, got me learning what true intimacy is
When your mind, body, and soul are intertwined into one
Her heartbeat connected with mine
We have our own melody
Maybe this is why…..
I’m letting this new love get the best of me

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