Quietstorm Session

The Awkward Writer

Poem: Dream


Written By Quietstorm


I once had a dream and it spoke to me
So beautifully and elegantly
As is if singing in harmony
Oh I love her melody

You know those reoccurring dreams…
The ones that come when your at peace and you close your eyes
Hoping to envision the loveliest thing
Oh how she speak to me

Every night I would wait for her and say “Come to me”
And she would always oblige because in my mind is where she needed to be
Captivating my every thoughts
Oh what was she doing to me

Why does this dream feel like a reality
No longer an illusion
I feel her all around me
Spiritually moving
Oh so re-living

My inner dream became my outer being
She no longer lived within me but possessed apart of me
My heart
It was as if it was her owns
Oh how she took over me

My mind, body, and spirit were inflamed, all because of a dream
So that it seems
But how could it be, when she feel so tangible to me
Oh she makes me want to believe

This dream is so real, I can see
The beauty is inner deep
She is taking over me
Possessing my soul so innocently
Oh how she moves me

She came to me in the form of a dream
But I made her my reality
She was all the things I could ever imagine within
my memory
Oh how I love our chemistry

A dream is exactly what she is giving me
And so in return I vow to make her life with me,
Nothing but moments of serenity
Making destiny a reality
Oh how she keeps on blessing me

….An epiphany

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  1. Very lovely poem. I love dreams that make you feel happy. My daughter always says before she goes to sleep that she’s going to dream happy dreams.

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