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Poem: Dear Diary


Dear Diary

I can’t sleep
So, I write whatever comes to me
These past 3 years, I’ve been through a lot
But kept it quietly
Nothing gets solved, just by speaking it loudly
So, I write to you
Then release it into existence
A lot of things to only you I mention
Allowed you to be my guide through these adventures
I don’t trust many but I trust you to keep my words
When most would take it and run
In a sense, you were like my best friend
You came at a time when all I needed was a pad and pen to vent
You helped me to realize my gift
Before writing poetry and stories
Writing to you is how I gained my strength
No longer shy and meek
But mentally driven
Because of you
My life is written
My dearest diary


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  1. Such a great poem! I used to write my vents out in poem form, too. I haven’t in a while but it’s a great way to get it out!

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